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All components in Laser Toner cartridges are subject to re-filling, replacement or remanufacturing after use. Depending on the use, however, any Laser Toner cartridge component undergoes some wear and tear over a period of time. This is the time when you need Top Quality Ashcom Re-filling & Re-manufacturing. You can Re-fill & Re-use these cartridges, without any problem at very low price. Provision to re-fill & re-use these cartridges are provided by most of the manufacturers like HP, Canon, etc.

Ashcom, we have Factory Fresh and Best Quality Empty Cartridge shells, Imported cartridge parts like OPC DRUMS, Laser Toners, Special Toners, Colour Toners, Inks, Micro Chips, Wiper Blades, Mag Roller, Develop Roller, Recovery Blades etc. OEM Compatible Remade Cartridges are available at good price. Most of the Ashcom Remade Laser toner cartridges are Re-fillable & Re-usable and are Fresh; tested & packed only when you order it on the spot.

Ashcom offers a wide range of advanced, German Top Quality imaging components for outstanding and superior print results. Cost efficiency, performance and better price, is always maintained at Ashcom. Having 21 Own Branches help us to purchase the world's best Raw materials in bulk; at best wholesale rate. More branches help us to liquidate our stocks fast & always fresh stock is naturally maintained at Ashcom H.O., Nungambakkam, Chennai, India.

OPC Drum : OPC Drum is a fundamental part of any Laser Toner printer Cartridge or copying device. A good quality Ashcom's 'Organic Photo Conductor", Drum generates excellent print result. This drum can be re-used 1 or 2 times. The Drum we use are already market tested as best, for nearly over 10 years, through all our branches.

Toner : Toner powder is used in Laser Printer cartridges and photocopiers to form the printed text and images on the paper. This electrically charged powder produces the desired result in the form of a hard copy (Printout). The depth, clarity, printer life, sharpness and page yield depends on good powder and we use the best of best.

Special Toner : It is a toner with special properties to fulfill cartridge specific requirements. (Graphics, Super-Graphics, Master sheet, Butter sheet, DTP application, Digital fine Quick Fusing, etc.) At Ashcom we have the world's best Powders.

Colour Toner : A Toner for luminous color reproduction. Specially for HP 1600, 2600, 1215, 1515, 2025, 2320 etc. Today Ashcom is a leading name in Color Laser Toner Refilling & Remaking. Ashcom Refilled Colour Cartridges are even used in sensitive areas like human organ Scanning Centres, Photo Studios, etc.

However, we dont provide any warranty or refund for any Color Toner or Inkjet Cartridge Refill or Compatibles

Smart Chip : It is an integral part of printing technology. Smart chips build a communication between printer cartridges, printer and the computer. Printer using Monopoly Chip on Catridges should be avoided. Such printers are costly to maintain.

Additional components : Wiper blades, mag rollers, Mag connectors, Springs, Developer Rollers, Recovery Blades and Doctor Blades largely contribute in obtaining good quality print results. These products are readily available at Ashcom for all Cartridges.

Inkjet Ink : We have Ink that Jets. Our Ink never fails to Jet. The viscosity of Ink is very important. At Ashcom we have High Quality Ink for every Model & Brand of Ink Cartridges. Fresh & Excellent Black & Colour & Photo Inks are available in all our Branches. These Top Quality Inks help customers to Refill their cartridges properly and to print more pages.

At Ashcom Refilling, the consumer is guaranteed of Top Quality, best price & friendly service. Also, by Refilling, users gain a major advantage of contributing to the environment. By refilling, remanufacturing or recycling, we can contribute to the cause of keeping the environment green. Refilling is Eco-friendly & pocket friendly. Re-using your printer cartridges is 100% safe &truly economical. Printer-friendly Refilling is perfectly performed only at Ashcom, because we are Experts who can handle your cartridges with master precision & then refill give you the expected excellent results.

Ashcom Refilling considerably cut down the cartridge cost by as much as 60 to 80 percent. It simply reduces environmental impact by nearly 50 percent compared to single use cartridges disposed in landfills. Our Chinktone Black XL ink cartridges carry big sponge and prints 150 to 200 pages. Laser Toner Cartridges can refilled once & then re-made with New OPC Drum. (Double-Coated New Drum will last 1 or 2 usage). This process of Refilling cum recycling of original Laser Toner Cartridge can be done even upto 8 to 10 Times without any damage to your printers.
There is no warranty for colour cartridges.